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Shy as heck, with lower self-esteem, insecure about anything and awkward.
Usually friendly. Bites only if provoked.

Don't be afraid to talk with me. (I will never have the guts to start a conversation, anyway..:dummy:)
I will always reply to you.
....Unless you are a jerk.
So, be nice m'kay?

That's all. I'm too lazy for write a decent bio.
So, we went to take my cat.
He was awake and quite in "good shape". Shaved fur and cut on his belly apart, sure...But he was awake, lucid and he didn't seemed weak at all.
He immediately recognized my mother, when she started to call him. He went straight to the cage door and started to want cuddles.
They placed him on the table and they removed his drip tube/needle/thing from his paw...Few seconds later he tried to steal food from a bowl who were placed on the same table. He can't eat till tomorrow, poor cat. And he's without food til this morning...He's starving. XD

Later, they did to him another injection of...Cortisone again, I guess it was and in meanwhile the doc shown to us the tumor itself...
"This one was one of the most biggest tumors I removed." he said to us.
Jeez, that thing was massive.
Like it was big like a fist and half of mine.
I wonder how much pain my cat felt in have that stuff into his intestine..
Anyway, the vet has not recommended to us the chemio terapy. It's more harmful than useful to his said. Also cuz my cat has fiv..Not exactly the best for him to do.
(Btw, in the same time, from inside his cage, my cat also tried to steal parts of another cat -removed testicles for be precise- from  inside a plastic bag close to that tumor. (He is really starving. Cannibalism style. XD))

The bad news is that there's high(?) probability of re-grown of tumors. This is what the doc said, at least.
Apparently, that mass they removed was also grown during those last days..So you can imagine how much big and "active" it was.
So all we have to do now, is wait and hope...And keep him under control with periodic checks to the vet.
Now we sended that tumor to analyze or something...I guess it will be useful to the vets and also to us, for understand which kind of tumor it was and which kind of "destiny" awaits for my cat.
Right now I'm just happy to have him back at home safe and sound. Both my parents were already giving him for dead.
Let's see what will happen in future..

We received a call from my father some minutes ago.
I don't know the details, cuz my sister answered, but he said the vets are been able to remove that tumor!
They said he will be probably okay.
I passed the worst-worst night and evening of my whole life, but jeez!
I'm so happy right now! X'3
God, I need to puke...

He will come back at home alive!

So, I came back at home from the vet. Great.
Not only, the hard part that my cat had into his belly it's a tumor to his intestine...But it's a tumor so big who wasn't even possible watch it completely on the screen of the ecography machine.
When the vet touched its belly, just said "It's really a bad mass. We have to do some x-ray to see if it's spreaded even to his chest."
Fortunately, his chest it's clean, means that his disease it's only in that area. They said that we could try an operation, if the blood test were okay, so they taken a blood sample and they did their tests.
His blood was okay. He's a bit anemic because he has fiv. It's normal they said, in cases like his.
So what's happen now?
Well, they did an injection of cortisone to him. It works to shrink the mass into my cat's intestine, so he will -hopefully- eat and drink something after that.
Friday we will bring him back to the vet, to do this operation. They will open him and they will see if they can cut off the infected part of intestine. Exactly like doctors do to the humans.
If all works properly and if the tumor it's internal, they said he has chanches to heal.
...Because if the tumor it's external and spreaded to other internal organs..We will have to choose if "close him" and let him live til the disease destroys him, or if put him to sleep while he's under anethesia.
In the second case, my mother already taken her decision.
If happens like in the second case, my cat will probably die this friday.
I hope they could do something...

So, basically, the last Thursday me and my mother bring our cat to the vet.
The main problem was (still is, actually..DX) that he had this swollen eye who was continuing to purge disgusting stuff.
Nothing bad, usually. A lot of cats have this issue, somethimes.
But he had it from something like almost three weeks. (And so far, he's not healed yet.) so we decided to go to the vet.
Well, they visited him. He had some fever.
They gave to him some eyedrops and an
anti-inflammatory for the eye and then, they proceeded to visit him completely.
Well, is happened that while they were touching him on the belly, they felt "something hard" at the level of his guts.
They said it's "strange" and that isn't exactly normal.
So, now they gave an appointment to us for this Tuesday. They will visit my cat again and if that hard part is still there, they will do an ecography to him, for see the heck it is.
I hope -I HOPE- is not some kind of tumor or else. I already lost my first cat Teo for something like that, I don't really want to see another time something like that.
I don't know if is something similar, but IF it is, I hope it's at least something operable.

The sad part, is that my cat already has an illness known as "fiv". Who is basically like the AIDS in cats.
So, that means who my cat's immunitary system it's really weak.
Today, my cat eye it's even worst and he seems tired and "depressed".
I really hope is anything bad...
My mother is around for the home, saying things like "Dang, my cat will die.." and well..This isn't an help at all.
I'm worried as fuck now.
Let's see what happen the day after tomorrow..


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Check their galleries and stuff I say! D:<

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